3 Tips For At Home Car Care! 

Now more than ever it is essential to take care of your car.

According to one of our FIXD Auto Advisors there are 3 simple car care tips you can do at home to save time, money, and a trip to the repair shop!

1. Fight off what's silently killing your brakes with this simple check! 

Rust is the silent killer of rotors, which can wear out your vehicle's brake pads. Take your car for a quick drive around the block to prevent your rotors from getting rusty, and ensuring you can still brake safely.

2. This at-home two minute tire exam will save your life the next time it rains.

By law we are required to have a minimum of 2/32 tread on a tire for our safety as commuters - if tire tread is too worn down, cars are more likely to slide and crash, especially after inclement weather like rain or snow.

To check your tire tread, grab a penny and insert it into your tire tread's groove with Lincoln facing you and upside down - if all of his head is visible, your tire tread is less than 2/32 inch and must be replaced.

3. Avoid wasting $100s to replace your car battery with this at home trick!

As your car sits unused in the driveway, the battery can lose voltage. A quick and easy scan using the FIXD sensor will tell you what your vehicle's battery voltage is at, and if you should charge it up with a drive.

Once a battery is dead, it can cost hundreds in parts and labor to replace, so taking good care of it daily is crucial! 

What if I told you mechanics don’t actually know what’s wrong with your car?

It's true.

Every car after 1996 has a computer in their car.


Your car computer can tell you exactly what’s wrong with it. All you need is a tool that will talk with it. This is where a brand new invention called FIXD comes into play.

FIXD is the tool that can talk to your car’s computer.

FIXD was developed by three engineers from Georgia Tech. They made the FIXD sensor to stop shady mechanics from ripping off everyday people.

Now when you are behind enemy lines at the repair shop you can have the information to make the best decision.

Wondering if your car is compatible?

If your car is made after 1996 it is!  

We were like you. The solution COULD NOT be this easy...Then we started seeing FIXD in the news.

FIXD is shaking up the automotive industry with over 1 million users and counting.

They believe knowledge is power. The creators of FIXD want to empower drivers everywhere to save money and feel confident.

The sensors mechanics use are bulky and cost over $1000.

That’s why FIXD is such a GENIUS product.

The FIXD sensor is tiny because it uses your smartphone to translate the issue.

The FREE FIXD app on your smartphone connects to the FIXD sensor through Bluetooth.

The FIXD sensor uses the same technology that connects your phone to your headphones!

FIXD works with YOUR car!

Every car made after 1996 will work with FIXD.

FIXD is based in Atlanta, Georgia and proud to be an American company.

They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and offer free shipping.

They even have a great deal going on if you want to look out for yourself and loved ones.

FIXD - Single Unit

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See What People Are Saying About FIXD

"It’s helped me out of a few tight spots. You never know the exact problem - even when you are a professional. Having this tool allows me to go in knowing the exact problem and exactly how much to pay."
-Calla E.

“This device is great. It diagnosed my check engine light as a dysfunctional EGR valve. I called the dealership and they said it would cost $650 parts and labor. After viewing the apps instructional video I realized I could do it myself. The part cost $150 and took all 10 minutes to replace. A restart of the engine running and rescan with FIXD shows no more errors and check engine light is off. I saved $500 thanks to FIXD, on one use it paid for itself 10 times over.”
-Jon D.

Ready To Stop Getting Ripped Off?

Get FIXD Now!

Over 50,000 Sold Every Month! Check Out What People Are Saying:

Ready To Stop Getting Ripped Off?

Get FIXD Now!

Learn More About FIXD

+ Does FIXD work on my car?

FIXD works with all gas-powered cars and trucks built after 1996 and diesels built after 2008.

+ Is it easy to use?

YES! The great thing about FIXD is that it’s literally made for ease and simplicity. Anyone can install it in their car themselves - without tools or going to a mechanic. And once you connect it to the free FIXD app on your smartphone, it tells you in plain, simple English what’s wrong with your car and how severe the issue is so you can make an informed decision. You can even connect multiple sensors to one phone, allowing you to monitor all your family members' vehicles from one convenient place.

If for some reason you have any questions or trouble installing it, simply email us at fixdapp.com/help!

+ Can it really tell me what's wrong with my car?

You bet. FIXD gives you the plain English readout of over 10,000 codes that your check engine light gives you. It only takes a couple minutes to install, and once it’s set up, you’ll have up-to-date information about your car at your fingertips on your smartphone.You can use this information to be more informed, knowledgeable, and confident at the auto shop so you don’t get ripped off or end up paying for repairs you don’t need.

+ Is it available on Android and Apple phones?

YES! The free FIXD app is compatible with both iPhones and Android smartphones. It only takes a few minutes to set up and start monitoring your car's health around the clock, preventing $1000s in costly repairs and giving you more confidence and control at the repair shop.

+ Is there any benefit to ordering today?

YES! Right now on this page, FIXD is offering deep discounts on their money-saving, stress-reducing diagnostic device. Supplies are limited, so make sure you order now before we run out!